At 37 Weeks Pregnant

Today I hit 37 weeks pregnant and although I realise I can have baby at any time, I’m trying not to rush it.  I am balancing that fine line between ‘I’ve had enough of this pregnancy!’ and ‘I’m not quite ready for baby to come yet!’.  Have you been there?  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

It’s not just the few things I have left to do like finish packing my hospital bag… which in itself I see as a bit of a feat since the only clothes I can pack for myself for the hospital stay are the very few clothes that still fit me…. and other, bigger things like oh yeah the nursery isn’t quite ready yet!  It’s also the having to go through the labour part that has me a bit unsettled.  I think the hardest part about that is that I just don’t know when it’s going to happen.  And as someone who likes to have at least a bit of a plan, it’s difficult to figure out all the possible contingencies and plan for them all.  What if it happens at 3 am?  That will be just fine, my friend will pop over to watch my boys.  At noon?  Well my kids are both at school and kindy so that’s a different story.  On a weekend?  Different again.

So I sit here playing the waiting game and tell myself not to worry about the details.  I mean in the end I do know it will all work out.  I know my boys will be looked after.  I know the baby will come when ready.  I know (hope!) we will make it to the hospital on time.  It will all work out.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent, it is that there are a LOT of things we can’t control.  This is definitely one of them!   So I’ve been focusing on the things I can control, and the things that make me happy.  Like making these cute little things for baby to have at the hospital – an adorable minky and flannel blanket and 3 set of burp cloths.

Our baby blanket and burp cloths

Trying my hand at crocheting this blanket:

And decorating the nursery and making reusable breast pads and all kinds of fun things like that.  I’m sure my time could be spent on more productive things, but as always, creating beautiful things and decorating my home gives me a sense of calm and relaxes me during this otherwise nail-biting time.

I’m interested to know.. how did you get through the last few weeks of pregnancy?  What did you do to fill the time and pass the days?

calander countdown


How it all began

Before having children I worked in the corporate world and I intended fully to return to work once I had our first child.  While I was pregnant with number one, I was already worried about his transition from being at home with me to being somewhere else.  I read a lot about ‘transitional objects’ and how they helped to ease the separation for children in that they are able to take this little piece of home with them where ever they go.

I thought about how lots of children have a special blanket so I was determined to find one for my baby.  I went to the Baby Factory and saw that they had cute fleece blankets, however they were selling them for around $70 each.  Aside from the fact that I thought that was a bit pricey for a basic fleece blanket, they didn’t really hit that ‘special’ mark for me.  I thought surely I could make something nice for my child that had a bit more heart in it.

So off I went to Spotlight with my husband and painstakingly chose the fabric after about 2 or 3 trips.  I remember being about 7 months pregnant and laying the fabric out and measuring it over my huge belly!  My husband helped mark it all out and cut it and then I hand sewed the whole blanket together.  This was my very first quilt!  I absolutely loved it and it meant so much for me that my baby would have a blanket that I lovingly made with my own hands.

Soon friends and family started having babies and I began to make blankets for each of their bubs.  Eventually I had so many ideas that I started selling a few on line and at local craft markets.  In between I also started making things that I used to be able to find easily back in Canada but couldn’t find where I lived at the time – burp cloths, small wash cloths and things like that.  I began making them for myself and sold the surplus.

I now make a wide range of products at Jo-Anna’s Attic but I have to say that making baby quilts is still my all time favourite.  I still put the same amount of love and care in to choosing fabric and creating the design.  I now use a machine to sew them up, but I’m always envisioning how a cute wee bub will enjoy being wrapped up in the lovely blanket and how his or her Mum and Dad will cuddle them close while they are sleeping peacefully.

Handmade Decor and Accessories for Children

I want to share with you what exactly it is I do at Jo-Anna’s Attic.  As it says above, I make children’s decor and accessories, all from fabric and all to brighten and make a child’s space more personal, inviting and cozy.

I’d say one of my favourite things to make are blankets and I make all different types.  I do quilts for babies, baby wraps, reversible flannel blankets, knit blankets.. and have just started crocheting blankets.

Blanket and Quilt Collage

I also make decorative cushions and bunting to add pops of colour.

Cushion, Bunting and Thingy Bag
Decorative Cushion, Bunting and Thingy Bag by Jo-Anna’s Attic

On the ‘accessories’ side of things, I make drawstring bags, homework bags, reusable napkins, tooth fairy pillows as well as a range of baby must have items such as burp cloths, wash cloths and dribble bibs.

Green with white spots kit 2
Baby Essentials Starter Pack by Jo-Anna’s Attic Includes Baby wrap, burp cloth and 3 wash cloths

I also absolutely love Christmas as well and have a range of handmade Christmas decorations including stockings, bunting, napkins and table runners.


To view my entire range, please check out my shop Jo-Anna’s Attic here.

Cushion and bib
Cushion and Dribble Bibs by Jo-Anna’s Attic
Tooth Fairy Pillows watermarked
Tooth Fairy Pillows by Jo-Anna’s Attic

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Jo-Anna and I am the owner and creator behind Jo-Anna’s Attic.  I am writing this blog so that I can share my creations with you.  But more than that, I’d like to share my life experiences with you as well.  As a mom of two young boys and a third baby on the way I would love to help out other Moms who are becoming a first time (or second, third etc) parent and need a bit of help.  I remember how difficult it was in those first few days, weeks and years and I was constantly on the internet hoping to find someone just like me who could tell me it will all be all right.  If I met myself then, I wouldn’t have believed that I became so confident in parenting because back at day one, I had seriously no idea what I was doing.

I went through a lot of ups and downs, and really I started my business as ‘something for me’, an outlet when things got really bad.  I found the process of creating beautiful things really healing and soul satisfying.  As time went on I began to turn this in to something that can help contribute to our family as well.

So stick around, have a look at my pretty little creations, enjoy a recipe or two and feel some positive reinforcement for the job you are doing every day.  My goal is for all Moms to feel like we are doing a great job every day and to let go of the guilt and worry.  After all, we are all doing the best we can in every moment!