Handmade Decor and Accessories for Children

I want to share with you what exactly it is I do at Jo-Anna’s Attic.  As it says above, I make children’s decor and accessories, all from fabric and all to brighten and make a child’s space more personal, inviting and cozy.

I’d say one of my favourite things to make are blankets and I make all different types.  I do quilts for babies, baby wraps, reversible flannel blankets, knit blankets.. and have just started crocheting blankets.

Blanket and Quilt Collage

I also make decorative cushions and bunting to add pops of colour.

Cushion, Bunting and Thingy Bag
Decorative Cushion, Bunting and Thingy Bag by Jo-Anna’s Attic

On the ‘accessories’ side of things, I make drawstring bags, homework bags, reusable napkins, tooth fairy pillows as well as a range of baby must have items such as burp cloths, wash cloths and dribble bibs.

Green with white spots kit 2
Baby Essentials Starter Pack by Jo-Anna’s Attic Includes Baby wrap, burp cloth and 3 wash cloths

I also absolutely love Christmas as well and have a range of handmade Christmas decorations including stockings, bunting, napkins and table runners.


To view my entire range, please check out my shop Jo-Anna’s Attic here.

Cushion and bib
Cushion and Dribble Bibs by Jo-Anna’s Attic
Tooth Fairy Pillows watermarked
Tooth Fairy Pillows by Jo-Anna’s Attic

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