How it all began

Before having children I worked in the corporate world and I intended fully to return to work once I had our first child.  While I was pregnant with number one, I was already worried about his transition from being at home with me to being somewhere else.  I read a lot about ‘transitional objects’ and how they helped to ease the separation for children in that they are able to take this little piece of home with them where ever they go.

I thought about how lots of children have a special blanket so I was determined to find one for my baby.  I went to the Baby Factory and saw that they had cute fleece blankets, however they were selling them for around $70 each.  Aside from the fact that I thought that was a bit pricey for a basic fleece blanket, they didn’t really hit that ‘special’ mark for me.  I thought surely I could make something nice for my child that had a bit more heart in it.

So off I went to Spotlight with my husband and painstakingly chose the fabric after about 2 or 3 trips.  I remember being about 7 months pregnant and laying the fabric out and measuring it over my huge belly!  My husband helped mark it all out and cut it and then I hand sewed the whole blanket together.  This was my very first quilt!  I absolutely loved it and it meant so much for me that my baby would have a blanket that I lovingly made with my own hands.

Soon friends and family started having babies and I began to make blankets for each of their bubs.  Eventually I had so many ideas that I started selling a few on line and at local craft markets.  In between I also started making things that I used to be able to find easily back in Canada but couldn’t find where I lived at the time – burp cloths, small wash cloths and things like that.  I began making them for myself and sold the surplus.

I now make a wide range of products at Jo-Anna’s Attic but I have to say that making baby quilts is still my all time favourite.  I still put the same amount of love and care in to choosing fabric and creating the design.  I now use a machine to sew them up, but I’m always envisioning how a cute wee bub will enjoy being wrapped up in the lovely blanket and how his or her Mum and Dad will cuddle them close while they are sleeping peacefully.


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