It Began With a Belief


When you were pregnant with your first child did you imagine a nursery for them set out perfectly?  If you are thinking of having children, do you spend hours on Pinterest collecting ideas to create a room with a specific theme or colour scheme for your wee one?

There is a reason for this – we are strongly influenced by our surroundings.  This is why being in nature has a calming effect.  This is also the reason we have so many decorating and diy shows and websites and blogs.  And you can quickly #interiordecor on Instagram to find inspiration and ideas.

When it comes to having children, we are no different.  We dream of a comfortable, safe haven for our littlies.   In those early days when we first come home with our precious bundle of joy, we know that a lot of our life will be out of our control.  We can,  however, create a lovely interior for those sometimes long and endless days at home.

When I was pregnant with my first child 8 years ago, I knew I wanted him to have a special blanket as his ‘transitional object’ and attachment item (oh yes, I read all about this when I was pregnant!  You can read about it too here).  I wanted it to be beautiful and soft.  I also wanted it to be durable and last forever.

The thing is, I also believe that these two can go together.  I believe we can have stylish, elegant, functional and long lasting home decor.  I believe everyone should have nice things, and these things shouldn’t cost the earth.

Back then, I decided to make a one of a kind quilt for my son.  I painstakingly measured the fabric, coordinated the colours and made it fit to the theme I was going for in his nursery.  It was such a wonderful experience to create something from scratch and imagine my baby using it for years to come.

This is how I make each blanket here at Jo-Anna’s Attic – with you and your baby in mind.  I love to imagine them snuggled up in your arms wrapped in a blanket made especially for them.  Whether it is your own baby, your grandchild, neice, nephew or baby of a close friend.


I believe our home is an extension of who we are.  I believe that beautiful items can be both stylish and functional.  I believe everyone deserves a safe haven escape from the rest of the wold; a comfortable place to recharge and relax..  Because I am so passionate about this,  I’ve created Jo-Anna’s Attic  Handmade Decor for Littlies.

When shopping with Jo-Anna’s Attic you can chose from my ready made range of the blankets and quilts or we can work together to create a blanket or quilt that will suit your decor perfectly!  Please feel free to contact me for no obligation details or quote on

Tell me – how did you decorate your nursery?  Please comment below – as always, I would love to hear from you.








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