And then there were three….

I started this blog thinking I would have a good couple of months of writing under my belt before baby number three arrived but as they say the best laid plans….   See I went past my due date with both of my boys and expected the same this time around, but it seems my wee girl was in a bit more of a rush to join our world.  She arrived 11 days early on Saturday morning the 7th of March 2015.  So things have been a bit… disorganised since then!  In fact, I was still packing a few last minute items in my hospital bag on Friday evening while I was in labour!

All went well with the birth and my lovely husband had 3 weeks off work so I haven’t been on line much.  I’ve been cuddling my sweet bundle of joy, spending time with my husband and boys, sleeping when I could and eating all the things I couldn’t eat when I was pregnant!!

Now it’s day two of hubby being back and work and while baby is having an ultra long nap, I’m rejoining the cyber world!  I reckon it’s a very fun place for us stay at home mums to be in between naps and feeds and dishes and laundry!  Anyway I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce you to our new little ray of sunshine!  It’s so funny now going from a family of 4 to a family of 5… but more on that later.  I’ll just leave you with a little photo of our bundle of pink joy 🙂

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