And then there were three….

I started this blog thinking I would have a good couple of months of writing under my belt before baby number three arrived but as they say the best laid plans….   See I went past my due date with both of my boys and expected the same this time around, but it seems my wee girl was in a bit more of a rush to join our world.  She arrived 11 days early on Saturday morning the 7th of March 2015.  So things have been a bit… disorganised since then!  In fact, I was still packing a few last minute items in my hospital bag on Friday evening while I was in labour!

All went well with the birth and my lovely husband had 3 weeks off work so I haven’t been on line much.  I’ve been cuddling my sweet bundle of joy, spending time with my husband and boys, sleeping when I could and eating all the things I couldn’t eat when I was pregnant!!

Now it’s day two of hubby being back and work and while baby is having an ultra long nap, I’m rejoining the cyber world!  I reckon it’s a very fun place for us stay at home mums to be in between naps and feeds and dishes and laundry!  Anyway I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce you to our new little ray of sunshine!  It’s so funny now going from a family of 4 to a family of 5… but more on that later.  I’ll just leave you with a little photo of our bundle of pink joy 🙂

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More about Me

I’ve just written my quick little ‘about me’ page which you can read here.  I thougth I’d spend a bit more time talking about myself and what brought me to the wonderful world of blogging….  after all, I suppose that’s what are blogs for!

I am very passionate about what I do and the things I make for my business and I really want to share this passion with others.  Before I turned my hobby in to a business, I started making things purely out of necessity.  Being from Canada but living in Australia, I found that a lot of things I took for granted around baby products just weren’t available.  I think we all have images in our head of what we want/ need for our babies (at least I do!) and because I couldn’t readily find them, I started making them.

One of the first things I started making were burp cloths and wash cloths.  I asked other new mums if they used these but most were just using large muslin wraps or reusable nappies thrown over their shoulders when burping their baby.  I found these took up so much space in the washing machine though and I knew had to find something smaller.  Plus there was always a drought where I lived so I tried to keep washing to a minimum (a feat in itself when you have a little one!!).

So I started making little flannel burp cloths like theseBurp ClothsWhich are the perfect size for throwing over your shoulder after feeding bubs.  They are also great to wipe up any spills.  Because they are made from flannel, they are super absorbent as well as easily washable and long lasting … all things I found very important when having a little baby!!

I also made heaps and heaps of wash cloths.  I used these ALL the time.  For the bath (of course!) but I also kept a stash in the kitchen to wipe hands and faces… and to wipe spills off the floor and the high chair and the plethora of other places food gets thrown and spilled in the process of feeding.  They are so small that you could literally fill up your washing machine with them and still have room for lots of clothes and all the other things that constantly need washing!

Wash Cloth Stack

I also loved how they are reusable.  I was really hesitant to use packaged wipes, paper towels, napkins and things like that.  I was environmentally conscious before having kids, but find I’m much more so now that they will one day inherit the planet and it’d be nice to reduce the waste!

The third baby product I wanted to make were flannel wraps. I found in Aussie there were heaps of muslin wraps which I absolutely loved, however it did still get a bit chilly in the winter and there didn’t seem to be a lot of options for warmer blankets.  I wanted something that was big enough for my growing bubs, still breathable and also warm.  So I started making these guys:

Single Flannel Wraps

There were so many gorgeous flannel fabrics available, how could I not??    As with all my products, I wanted them to be beautiful as well as functional.

I now sell these in little packs as I find they are a great starting place for new mums.  The packs include one flannelette baby wrap, one burp cloth and three wash cloths.  They are great for a new mum starting out who wants to buy something cute but still practical.  They also make a lovely baby shower gift for a new mum – whether it’s her first or fifth!

You can find the packs available in my shop here.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

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